Eco house terminology

eco house

Sometimes original verbiage used by some house sellers and real estate agents. It’s usually false green marketing geared toward making consumers believe a house is ecologic when it is not. In the environmental area this style is called greenwashing.

How we can avoid greenwashing and understand is the house truly green? First, we may look at the words used to specify the house as:
• Eco-Friendly
• Environmental
• Healthful Environment
• Solar
• Stewardship

It is interesting the content of those words. For example, I’ve seen ads that call a house “solar,” when the aspect in the seller’s mind that qualified the house as ecologic was a wall that faced south. Why south? Because south side lets get the most sun during the day. But a south-facing wall doesn’t create an eco house. Besides, all homes have a south-facing side.

Or maybe the house had compact florescent lighting and nothing else ecologic in the house. An energy-economic light bulb does not modify a not-so-ecologic house into an eco house.

Eco house terminology

Here are words to look for in advertising that more accurately characterize particular qualities of eco houses:
• System efficiency and energy-economic components
• Recycled materials from eco-friendly sources
• Solar-generated power (or “off-the-grid”)
• Wind-generated power
• Thermal solar hot water
• Water-economical devices
• Recycled and innovative insulating products and materials
• No-VOC paints, stains and floor coverings
Look for certification of specific green building programs.

Ways we can construct our green living

• Heating most of our water with thermal solar – not the black substance you see on roofs – by installing glass tubes that absorb UV rays year-round.
• Recycling our gray water (from sinks and showers) and redirecting that water to flush our toilets.
• Designing buildings that use placement to take improvement of natural heating and cooling effects in our environment.
• Constructing living environments by using innovative construction materials originating from recycled or renewable resources, which may also make available a tremendous R-factor. This is a one-two punch that not only saves our limited construction material resources, but makes us less dependent on fossil fuels to heat and cool our homes.

I believe we can set up a distinction in our environment by supporting eco houses and creating a earth that is safer and healthier for generations to come.

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  • Julia says:

    In my country it is common abuse of the term “organic food”, without any criteria or restriction labeling all products with the trademark phrase. Of course, it’s the same with renewable energies, sounded so good that they use to sell.

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